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»1000x/750x/3x« »Competitive Play« »Item of Choice« »Sandbox to test IOCs« »MSI System« »Custom JQs« »Party Quests« »1000 Rebirths for GM Job« »Peridot Currency« »No Pay to Win« »Game Room« »Lottery« »GM & Player-Hosted Events« »Updated items and styles« »Occupation« »Fishing« »Auto Events« »Equip & Chair Gachapon« Krexel now released!

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CELLION boasts fun but challenging game play with rates of 4 x experience, 2 x mesos, and 2 x drops. Looking for a unique server that combines both Pre-BB nostalgia gameplay with Post-BB content? A v62 based server made by members of the community who wanted a breath of fresh air.

Well look no further as Slime Tree has you covered! Updated to the highest-version cosmetic, 100% working PQs : HPQ, KPQ, Carnival PQ LPQ, OPQ, PPQ, EPQ, R&JPQ;, APQ, DRPQ, Mu Lung Dojo and more. Join us now to experience the content decisions that we\'ve made in a pre-release setting, and see if we have found where the casual fun from your childhood meets competitive balance for a truly fulfilling game as we always intended.

The time when Maple Story was challenging, every meso was valuable & every level was an accomplishment?

Maple Legends will bring you back the original Old School Maplestory.

Get FREE access to thousands of haircuts and NX items as soon as you join and try one of our daily events. ] [Customized gameplay to rehash nostalgic feelings from old Maple Story with a mix of new and exciting content!

] We are a high-rate v0.83 server that molds with the community.

Maple Royals has been continuously running for 5 years and counting with around 1,500 players at any given time!

Are you looking for the best Maplestory experience? Aries MS strives to bring you the most stable and rewarding gameplay realistically achievable.

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