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These are this year's advised school holidays for primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands: The school holiday schedule is not applicable to childcare centres or to Dutch higher education.Universities and vocational education institutions (MBO) can set their own holiday dates.The course is three days and is composed of different parts, each dedicated to specific subject.

Some school holidays () such as the summer, Christmas and May vacations, are fixed.

The May holiday cannot be moved, but schools can extend it by one week.

The Youth Hostels is located on Guckucksberg mountain, surrounded by green, just above the city.

It is only a few steps from there to the Lahn nature reserve.

To optimise your experience, there will also be a bicycle map at your apartment to make sure that you don't miss any 'must see' in and around Limburg. During your booking, you can fill in which types of bike you would like to get in 'Special Requirements'.

On this map, there are 10 bicycle tracks and several addresses where you can have a break to drink something. To book this package deal, you need to make a reservation 10 days in advance. If you would like to use a child's seat, you can mention it here too.Course Overview : The focus of the course is on technical aspects of different minimally invasive procedures.The course is designed to provide the participants with a platform and insight into all the contemporary and latest minimally invasive procedures.Wondering when the next school holiday is or how the Dutch school holiday system works?When it comes to determining holidays, Dutch schools and international schools in the Netherlands are divided into three regions: North, Central and South.This arrangement can only be booked through this page.

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