Air force rules on dating

I was trying to travel with my friend that is a SSgt. Our new leadership told us that can't happen because I am an airman and he is an NCO. Even in the last year a guy in my career field, who was a Sr A, was good friends with a TSgt who was his (and 3 others, including me) immediate supervisor, and lived with him by renting a room in his home. I got bitched out one time because my Airman was having some really bad PTSD issues after getting back from Iraq so I let him crash at my place because he didn't want to be alone. So all I had to do was extend the invitation and let them know that if they needed anything that I would be there for them because it's the right thing to do.With our old leadership we were able to with no problem. People are always gonna bitch and moan, it's like no one has an actual job in the Air Force.

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Restrictions on what you can or cannot do continue after Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT) when you arrive at your technical school for job training.

Personally, I'm not chummy with those out of my rank tier, but that's just because of the age gap.

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If anyone wants to tag along I'm leaving at this time via this mode of travel."My 2¢? While you're at work, keep it strictly business.

And in the meantime, study your butt off for promotion so that you don't have to worry about it past next August.1 up or down is a better way to view things than Amn, NCO, SNCO.He's an officer so he's not your typical dumb meathead blue collar guy out of high school or something - went to an excellent university for undergrad, comes from money, very smart and funny and intelligent. Sometimes he's sweet and gallant, other times he's a jerk. It is hard to give you advice without knowing either of you but these are things you should discuss with him. He definitely has a track record of being faithful (I know some of his friends) and he was raised strictly and I can definitely see him being strict with kids.He doesn't really seem to have any feelings, or maybe he's just ridiculously thick-skinned and is programmed not to have feelings. I dated an Air Force officer, full of bravado and cocky, but in a genuine way- he was confident, competent, and very skilled at his job. Love his patriotism and his brains and his masculinity.All personnel entering or leaving a bay or floor of the opposite gender must announce themselves by stating “Male (or female) entering (or leaving) the bay (or floor).” In dormitories with central latrines, an escort must be sent to ensure the latrine is clear before entering.NPS Airmen must lock the doors to their rooms and adjoining latrines while they are sleeping or when their rooms are unoccupied.The Phase Program begins on the day the recruit arrives at the technical school and (in most cases) ends when an airman graduates technical training and proceeds to their first permanent duty assignment.

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