Allow automatic updating android market

Or we must upload the new update APK on Play market again, and let user manually download & install from market? If the user has installed the app from Play Store then the updates must come from Play Store only.

Otherwise there would be signature mismatch problem.

So if any user who is using the outdated version opens your app, the app checks to see that from the server and then prompts the user to update the app immediately.

Then touch the Update button to manually update the app.

To make updating easier, you can place a green check mark by the item Allow Automatic Updating.

If your Market app is stuck on an older version then you can try to force an update by clearing the data on the Market app, or manually download and install an updated Market APK, as detailed in this previous question.

There is no perfect way to do this but there are other ways to 'control' the updates.

Since you don't put your software on Android Market, you have to enable "Unknown Sources (Allow installation of non-Market applications)" in Settings :: Applications.

Otherwise you won't be able to install your software or updates.

You can disable auto-updating, or only via Wifi from settings.

You could also force stop the Play store app and then later in the day when you are connected to Wifi and not using your device, you open the app again and it installs updates.

UPDATE I saw your last comment and just thought to help. The users who have "automatic updates" enabled (most of the users have) will automatically get the latest version of your app. Some time ago Facebook also tried to implement their own update mechanism for their app and the result was Google temporary removing the app from the Play Store because of that.

And those who don't, will get a notification to choose if they want to update now or postpone it later (may be they don't have enough internet data or time to download app app updates now). You can use your custom server to check if the user is currently using the latest version of the app or not.

By Dan Gookin One nice thing about using the Android Market to get new software for your Samsung Galaxy Tab is that the Market also notifies you of new versions of the programs you download.

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