Backdating jsa

Some of the eligible reasons include: language barriers; or, you feel you were given the wrong information in the jobcentre, which led you to believe you would not be able to claim.

If your reasons for not claiming were that you did not know you could apply for benefits, you will not be able to backdate your claim.

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You must go to your local jobcentre, fill out a form, and provide documents before approval.

If for some reason you become unemployed and do not claim benefits, you can claim them later.

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'Working age' customers are people who are under the qualifying age for State Pension Credit.

Or you can make an appointment to speak to an advisor who will take details of your request.

If we refuse to backdate your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support you can appeal against our decision .

In all cases you must have good reason for not claiming sooner, throughout the period that you are requesting backdating for.

It is up to you to show that you had good reason throughout the whole period.

I applied to have my JSA and Housing Benefit backdated to the point I lost my job - the JSA was rejected but the Housing Benefit approved.

I have appealed the JSA decision and this was rejected. The problem is that they haven't supplied me with a reason for my claim being rejected, and I can't find any guidelines on the internet anywhere. 1) I was eligible for JSA from the date of my backdate request.

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