Bob jones university against interracial dating

The university will still be governed by its 25-member Board of Trustees.The board will appoint a new eight-member board to govern Bob Jones Education Group.

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The for-profit arm of the university – Bob Jones Education Group, Inc.

– will include the BJU Press, University Cleaners and the Bob Jones Academy middle and high schools.

Now donors’ gifts will be tax-deductible, Page said.

“It helps when you’re trying to raise money for an organization to have a tax-exempt status,” Page said.

“That obviously helps your advancement folks, your development folks and those in the community – companies, individuals, alumni – to make it easier to donate to a nonprofit.” The change wouldn’t affect students’ scholarships or grants and wouldn’t affect employees, he said.

The change levels the playing field between the university and other sister institutions when applying for grants, he said. Department of Education has targeted for-profit colleges with added oversight in recent years and fined several for-profit networks of colleges under the Obama administration, which resulted in colleges like Corinthian College and ITT Technical Institute closing down.The transition process began in late 2014 with a study of how to achieve tax exemption.Last May 5, the Board of Trustees approved the final plan for pursuing tax exemption and the administration has been working to implement it since then.In a move that’s been more than two years in the making, Bob Jones University announced Wednesday it would regain its federal tax-exempt status on March 1, more than three decades after the IRS stripped its nonprofit status following a landmark U. The conservative Christian university dropped its interracial dating ban in a nationally televised interview with past president Bob Jones III on CNN’s Larry King Live in 2000. The issue in the court case was the university’s refusal to allow interracial dating or marriage among students, staff or faculty of the university, a rule it has since abandoned.In 2008, past President Stephen Jones, great-grandson of evangelist and university founder Bob Jones, apologized for BJU’s past racial discrimination.

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