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Now, it seems, all these interests are meshing together in her path.

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Changing how we define success vs what other people’s expectations or values are.

Measuring success not by numbers (money & followers on social), but by being able to create content that is true to her and living an authentic life with which other people can resonate.

She picked herself up and moved on with her life, and has created work that is a true expression of her passion and her purpose, a culmination of all of her work experience, where she now is able to bring her whole self to her work.

She started her non-profit institution where she helps parents home school their at-risk children, working mostly with children who have dropped out or aged-out of high school.

And, well, since Trump doesn't joke around and there's money involved, he did provide valid paperwork to show that he's all human (sigh), but Maher never forked over the $5 million.

News, "The lawsuit was withdrawn to be amended and refiled at a later date."This all started when Maher and Trump reportedly put in writing that if the "Celebrity Apprentice" star can present a valid birth certificate to prove that he's not the product of his mother having sex with an orangutan, then Maher would write a check for million to the charity of Trump's choice.

She has done this for 83 families, which is a huge accomplishment. I was impressed and honored about how deep and vulnerable Doc was with me on the podcast.

She shared really personal details about her life, such as how she was a “shadow person,” and how she got tired of hiding her true self, and what she did about it.

While you are waiting for that perfect moment, all of the imperfect moments are passing you by. Some of us get to take our time in going through transitions. She has gone through several hurricanes of change – not of her choice or making - and always lands on her feet.

You have to find the peace in the imperfection and stop waiting for the perfect moment.” ~Dr. Others get a kick in the pants and are forced to swim or die. She has faced down life threatening illnesses, and successfully transitioned from 17-year position as Dean of Graduate Studies at Devry University after her employment was suddenly terminated (without any cause or prior notice).

What you can bring already finessed and finished and polished is your attitude and that’s just as important." ~Bruna Nessif Bruna started out creating content for E!

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