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The technique of forest management is an important aspect in global climate change mitigation efforts.



Some devices which we have linked below have already received the unofficial Lineage OS 15 and some will be getting it very soon.

Some of the links (for which Lineage os 15 is not available) will take you to a post about Lineage OS 15 development status So, this was the list of the devices which will probably get the Lineage OS 15.0 update.

The video below outlines a project to address deforestation.

Definitions Afforestation and reforestation are defined as: "the direct human-induced conversion of non-forest to forest land through planting, seeding, and/or the human-induced promotion of natural seed sources" (IPCC, 2007).

This is not an official statement but these devices are most likely to get the upcoming Lineage OS 15.0 Update In case you have heard of the term Lineage OS and wondered what does it mean, but don’t actually know what it is, know that it is a custom ROM made by the same team that developed the Cyanogen Mod ROM and the Cyanogen OS, but the Cyanogen OS was discontinued, and Lineage OS is technically its successor.

Lineage OS’ latest version which is called Lineage OS 15 is a custom ROM based on Android O or otherwise known as Android ver. Even though a list of the phones which will support the Lineage OS 15 update hasn’t been confirmed by Android.

Hope this list helped you and If you have any feedback for the list and would like to give any suggestions or have any questions, leave them down below in the comment section.

Several forest mitigation options exist: afforestation/reforestation, Deforestation and forest degradation, forest management for carbon stocks and wood products.

Such activities include harvest systems that maintain partial forest cover, minimize losses of dead organic matter (including slash) or soil carbon by reducing soil erosion, and by avoiding slash burning and other high-emission activities.

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