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The card's inside is blank for your own personal message.

Say thanks for the Christmas present with the natural Frosty Red Berries Thank You Card.

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Search GCU under "stick figures" to see all of the cards in this wedding series!

Show your appreciation and surprise them with this colorful illustration.

What a lovely way to Thank someone or a group of people for either personal use or for Business occasions calling for a special note of Thanks.

This card will let the recipient know how much you appreciate something they've done for you with it's beautifully hand lettered calligraphy on a mint green background of the word "Thank You" with several fun and brightly colored flowers entwined in the letters.

There are several cards in this collections to thank the various people who have helped to make your wedding extra special!

Search in greeting card universe for Sandra Rose Designs, and then "Stick Figures".

The speed in which I received my cards was amazing and every detail was correct. The recipient was very touched by the card and also shocked on how and where I got such a card.

I went on line and showed her the website and showed her how quick, easy, timely, and affordable it was. Thank you.” Thank You for Your Sympathy, paper greeting card.

Very funny, colorful and cute figures to thank a priest, minister or rabbi for making your wedding a very special occasion. Search GCU for Sandra Rose designs to see the complete selection. Let them know you are happy they were part of your wedding ceremony.

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