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Clyde Barrow (Homer) then arrives, and after robbing a store (which he ironically co-owns with his father), the two run off.Clyde discovers Bonnie's passion is violence, and the two go on a crime spree by robbing banks.The Texas officers soon arrive, and the cops gun Bonnie and Clyde down.

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After viewing him throw his bass at a fan at his concert, she decides to go after him.

A chocolate dealer (Otto), who is in fact an undercover policeman and arrests Nancy's friend (Milhouse) shortly afterwards, sells her a chocolate bar which she gives to Sid, who soon begins dating her.

Sid arrives in the middle of a performance after a major chocolate spree, and knocks into an amplifier which topples over and crushes their drummer, Paul Cook (Dolph).

Nancy arrives to defend Sid, and informs the Pistols that Sid does not need them, and the two go off trying to sing a soft type of music, performing at CBGB (Comic Book Guy's Bar).

The three tales are parodies of Bonnie and Clyde, Lady and the Tramp and Sid and Nancy. As a Valentine's Day treat, Homer takes Marge to a carnival, where they lose the kids in order to spend the day with one another in the Tunnel of Love.

Inside, the two enjoy each other's company; however, Bart attempts to spoil his parents' happiness by filling the water with Jell-O, causing Homer and Marge's boat to stop.

After tricking a citizen (Flanders) into helping them, the two garner intense popularity across the country.

The citizen they tricked soon realizes what had happened, and snitches to the police after learning they are an unmarried couple.

" This episode was first broadcast in the UK and Ireland on Sky1 on December 21, 2008 at 9.30pm.

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