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Episode 219: Addled Quacks Roger talks to Willie, Jason, Sheriff Patterson and Dr. The episode stops when he runs out of people to be sarcastic to.Episode 220: Never Drink Wine Willie demonstrates a common soap opera malady called EPCP, or Excessive Pre-Commercial Pausing. Episode 221: Mystery Date Maggie meets a tall, dark stranger, and Barnabas gets cane-blocked.Episode 250: Exit Strategy Maggie the Vampire Slayer takes action, recruiting Willie into helping her knock some sense into Barnabas.

Episode 255: Job Interview with the Vampire Barnabas touches Maggie’s hand, and without thinking, she recoils. Episode 256: Falling Down London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. Episode 257: Bachelor Party Jason has a quiet word with Carolyn’s boyfriend. Episode 258: The Casual Ghost Maggie makes a new friend, who happens to be a dead nine-year-old obsessed with singing “London Bridge”. Episode 259: Cell Blocked Carolyn decides that today she’s the lead character in an educational short about juvenile delinquency.

Episode 260: The Secret of My Suspense It’s a Friday afternoon on the last day of school, and the Dark Shadows writers finally figure out what suspense means, just in time to scare the hell out of the kids.

You take the same girl and lock her up in a different room. Episode 252: How to Ruin Your Life Carolyn has a pleasant evening out with an agreeable and attentive young man. Episode 253: Alive and Someplace Maggie is still spitballing escape plans, while David continues his reign as World’s Noisiest Intruder.

Episode 254: The Summer of Love Carolyn has another awesome evening with her dreamboat beatnik boyfriend.

Episode 217: Not Enough Vampire in Your Vampire Show Jason gives his expert opinion re: arm blood, we consider the consequences of dude-on-dude vampire action, and Stanley Kubrick gets a great idea.

Episode 218: Madman with a Box Roger opens and closes doors, Jason plays Where’s Willie, and Barnabas hangs out under the boom mic for a while.You can find me on most popular social websites under the user name "Mohatility" youtube | facebook | twitter | blogger | | Google page | Google Profile | | pinterest | hi5| myspace | tumblr | Webs etc...Introduction: Satan’s Favorite TV Show Barnabas Collins appears at the White House to frighten underprivileged children.Episode 212: The Collins Blood We learn several reasons why you shouldn’t play in a haunted house.Episode 213: I’m Upset About Something I explain why . Episode 214: Very Much Alive Barnabas talks about pyramids and plaster for a while.Episode 230: The Transylvania Twist Maggie’s in a cemetery with a vampire and a fog machine and a brand new hairstyle.

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