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Everyone doesn't have a different meaning for the term woman. Some people insist the definition for cuckold has changed. A cuckold has always been a man whose wife has sex with someone outside the marriage.Some believe all cuckolding must include Fem Dom play or male humiliation. Some want it to include sissification and crossdressing, or forced bisexuality. But please don't push your combination of kinks onto the rest of us kinksters, and insist that we accept your "new" definition of cuckolding, just because it suits YOU.

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Licking it up - especially if it is a large amount - is very, very difficult, and emphasizes the humiliating nature of what your wife is doing to you.

More often than not, it is the pussy creampie in general that gets the most favor from cuckold husbands, but there are also other sexually exciting variations of the creampie fetish that bring much arousal and stimulation.

In this case the cuckold wife is dominant and takes on additional sexual partners, while the male takes on a submissive/humiliating role.

The submissive cuckold husband is monogamous towards his wife/girlfriend.

Some demand that the cuckold must be bound and helpless, or fluff the bull or be denied sex for years. The remaining millions of cuckolds and cuckoldresses are perfectly content with the traditional definition, and doing our thing without all of the other kinks that some of you insist on including.

were the object of scorn and derision; when it was discovered that a man's wife had found fulfillment in another man's bed, she was an adulteress and he was her cuckold.He would like his friend to experience the same pleasure he receives from his wife. As you can imagine, this kind of sex has little to do with humiliating the cuckold.It's about sharing the wealth, or in this case, the wife.In some instances, the cuckold husband has a strong desire to live out his voyeuristic fantasies.This is especially true of husbands who are proud of their wives. Coincidently, the cuckold wants to actually watch another man enjoy his sexy wife.He will remain faithful and supportive of her and her lover.

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