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She asked me a lot of personal questions about my life and my interests. But it’s cool; I’m excited to be on the show with her.”I found out later that Klarissa heard everything. I had dozens of needles sticking in my face and body; it actually felt pretty good.We must have talked for a half an hour when a flustered young girl walked by, flanked my many crew members. In a manipulative move I hadn’t expected, the producers gave my friendly crew member a hidden microphone and Klarissa a connected earpiece. I remember feeling like I was floating off the table. After that we tried to choke down a disgusting dim sum lunch at a Chinese restaurant and capped off the date by tossing coins into a wishing well around the corner. I’m not going to describe the date in detail because you can watch the video on my You Tube channel.

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I’m a contestant on MTV’s newest dating show Parental Control.

The three of us are lined up waiting for the star of the show, Klarissa, to make her decision about whom she wants to date. The guy next to me is Klarissa’s pale-skinned piercing-faced makeup-wearing-emo boyfriend Jensen.

The second day of shooting was the actual “date.” I was informed that it would be shot in the Los Angeles Chinatown.

The plan was for us to get acupuncture and then eat dim sum at a Chinese restaurant.

Your friend is about to embark on the worst date imaginable, and you'll be watching from behind the scenes, making sure the date is a perfect DISASTER!

Unsuspecting singles end up on the worst blind date of their lives, and it all comes courtesy of a best friend who is out for revenge.

There’s a producer from MTV looking to put people on some shows!

I told her about you but she’s leaving, so you’d better get here fast!

People ask me why I chose the date we did, but the producers of the show planned the whole thing; I had no say in the matter. I sat down at the crew’s lunch table and was told to relax and eat because it would be a while.

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