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The conditions under which calcite forms depend largely on the hydrologic activity, which has greatly varied over the course of the Upper Palaeolithic and Holocene.

In many cases, we can see that the growth of speleothems stopped during much of the Upper Palaeolithic.

A great proportion of shell materials sent to AMS labs for carbon 14 dating are mollusk shells.

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C-dating with the introduction of accelerator mass spectroscopy (AMS) which made possible the direct dating of prehistoric artworks painted or drawn with charcoal.

However, in the case of engravings and red paintings, only indirect methods can be used that allow us to date deposits that have covered the works over time (TL, U/Th, oxalates, etc.).

Most shells, corals, and other carbonate materials are cleaned by physical abrasion to remove the outer surfaces and any adhering carbonate material and are then acid etched to remove approximately 10-30% or greater of the total weight so that only the good primary carbonate is dated.

– Please take note that exposure to atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) may affect the radiocarbon dating results.

This protein makes up only a few percent of the shell, hence the sample needed in the radiocarbon dating process is the inorganic portion.

Although inorganic, the carbonate is still datable since its formation involves incorporation of carbon 14 from the biosphere.It has been shown that powdered carbonates will absorb atmospheric CO2 due to the very large surface area.If the material is quite old (20 ky), it is possible that long-term exposure to the atmosphere can bias the result in the more recent direction by some unknown degree.When it is necessary to extract carbonates by drilling or powdering specific areas of the material (especially those suspected to be very old – greater than 20 ky), we recommend that the drilling be done under an inert gas (like N2, Ar, etc.) and that the material be stored in very small vials and sent to us without delay.If the materials are not very old (Shells are often sent to accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) labs for radiocarbon dating.Technical improvements (for less damageable sampling) and fundamental research on the causes of errors are needed.

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