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The land grants highlighted on this map indicate the land owners and/or real estate mentioned by name in the Lake Creek Settlement documents listed below.

These documents give us a very good idea of where the Lake Creek Settlement was located and its approximate size.

The Lake Creek Settlement was located in what is commonly referred to as Austin's Second Colony. Austin signed an empresario contract with the state of Coahuila and Texas that called for him to introduce 500 families in Texas. 24, March 7, 1827 defined the boundaries for purposes of this contract as follows: "Beginning on the west bank of the river San Jacinto, at the ten border leagues of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico; thence following its course with the right bank of said river to its source; thence on a straight line north to the road leading from Bexar to Nacogdoches; thence with the said road westward to a point due north from the headwaters of Lavaca Creek; thence on a line due south towards the sources of the aforesaid creek; thence down said creek, on the eastern bank of the same, to the boundary line of the ten littoral leagues of the Gulf of Mexico; thence eastward, leaving clear the ten littoral leagues, parallel with the coast, to the place of beginning." Miguel Arciniega was appointed commissioner for this colony in November, 1830.

Prior to the founding of the Town of Montgomery, Texas in July, 1837; the lands between the West Fork of the San Jacinto River and the stream called Lake Creek were known as the Lake Creek Settlement, District of Lake Creek, Precinct of Lake Creek or simply Lake Creek.

According to the myth, the Montgomery Trading Post was located a half mile or a mile north or northeast of the present town of Montgomery on the Owen Shannon League near what is now known as Town Creek OR the Montgomery Trading Post was located a few miles west of the present town of Montgomery. Moody had been the Clerk of the County Court of Montgomery County, Alabama, for many years before coming to Texas. Austin's Register of Families and in 1836 Deed John M. 1837 Affidavit of Raleigh Rogers Texas State Library and Archives, Republic Claims, Name: Rogers, Raleigh, Claim #: 954, Type: AU, Reel #: 89, Frames: 542-547.

[Note the various historians cannot even agree on details such as ownership, location and years of operation.] The "Montgomery Trading Post Myth" further alleges that the lands around the Montgomery Trading Post were known as Montgomery Prairie or Montgomery Settlement and that the Town of Montgomery derived its name from one or more of these people and/or the trading post. The Town of Montgomery, Texas was named after Montgomery County, Alabama. Shepperd induced the Commissioners to move the location of the Town of Montgomery from his 200 acres of land below the hill to 200 of his 212 acres of land on the hill due south of the original site of the town. Shepperd should be received the same was also unanimously received and adopted." The site selected as the county seat on March 1, 1838 is the same land purchased by W. Shepperd from John Corner just three days before on February 26, 1838. Clark had purchased these two hundred acres from John Corner on January 1, 1831. Raleigh Rogers was one of the original settlers who received his League from Stephen F. See the Rogers League on the map above located directly to the south of the Thomas Chatham land grant and John Corner League.

Moody located at the bottom of this advertisement as we discover the actual history of the Lake Creek Settlement and the Town of Montgomery.

A number of early settlers received land grants within the boundaries of what became known as the Lake Creek Settlement.

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Since 1925, a number of histories have been written regarding the history of the Town of Montgomery and Montgomery County, Texas.

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