Dating site for only attractive people

When your picture is submitted, lets say three people of the opposite sex and one person of the same review your picture.

dating site for only attractive people-48

I think it has "hot" or "goodlooking" in the name..

I do not know how they decide who is good looking enough to be on it. I do think it would be a beauty contest is... no it's no allowed to post the link but just google a little and you'll find it.

If, on the other hand, different groups voted, each with their own views of who is attractive, you would end up with pretty much what you have now on POF, and the real world - people who are considered attractive by some, and not by others. but one asks if you are a dime and the other asks if you are hot or not... I think it is not kosher to list their site, but search for Only Attractive Singles, and something might come up.

Remember, everyone thinks they are attractive, and everyone thinks they are at least average in build.i reckon theres plenty of beautiful ppl in this ole world..its the REAL ppl that i like best....folks who work hard and still have time to help thier grandma pull her weeds...folks who bathe thier own dogs and wash thier own cars...clean thier own fish, and hide the easter eggs for tha lil ones at easter....folks who laugh at loud at movies and spill thier coffee in resturaunts, then mop it up themselves.......folks who sit on tha grass at the local park an watch tha kids at play, folks who throw stale bread to tha pigeons in tha square, and eat ice cream as they walk......start a website with family oriented real ppl who dont really think lookin good is the most important thing in the world..........ya might have something special then! If someone doesn't take pic's well, are they consider unattractive by someone who doesn't know them.

Beautiful is an online dating service where applicants to the website are voted in or out by existing members of the opposite sex over a 48-hour period.

The vote is democratic, if applicants secure a majority of positive votes they are accepted.Well since being attractive is different in everyone's eyes you would have a tough time wih this dating site. Would it be the same group of people passing judgment each time?Being attractive is an opinion and just because one person or twenty don't find someone attractive doesn't mean the next 5 won't. Because then you would be limited to what those few think is attractive - and considering how subjective that is, wouldn't you end up with a pool of remarkably similar looking people? don't think I can name them in here without getting busted....Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. What if somebody made a dating site that only admitted "attractive" people?As in, you had to submit your pictures for review, and the site would decide if you were attractive or not.The website has attracted considerable controversy in the media and much criticism since its inception due to its exclusive business model of only allowing perceived attractive men and women to join the dating community.

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