seguerra pagdating ng - Dating site for scientologists

I actually couldn't believe that LRH wrote such a thing, when it was first published.

He seems to have decided that since he is the source of all things, he might as well be the author of the Ten Commandments, too. At least "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health" is a distinctive piece of writing, containing some original ideas, mixed with Freudian psychotherapy.

I truly hope they have more class than "lets get together and push our church's agenda on people!

Depends whether you think handing out The Way to Happiness is doing some good in the world...

lol It would certainly seem that most of the people on that site would though.

My god, the global expansion here is mind boggling.

I would assume that the first date is "Get together to hand out booklets." Which is not exactly my dream date, but it would sound like an "on-purpose" idea; then at least if the date was a bust, you'd have done some kind of good in the world.

I was specifically asked if I had dated anyone of another ethnicity and then I was asked 'have you ever dated a black man'.

Sadly, I have met others who were also asked these questions.Scientology is not designed to be overtly racist and logically it shouldn't be racist since only bodies have races, and we are supposed to be thetans who inhabit bodies.In some sense, the type of body you inhabit is like the type of car you drive.Oh, and that Oxford English dictionary definition of precept is priceless too.And why would a website FAQ need a question on whether or not you can change your profile? : No, it is appropriate etiquette on the Internet for both men and women to initiate communication and emails.I will also note that the Church of Scientology has made a formal alliance with the Nation of Islam, some years ago, so they can hardly be hostile to African Americans (it does leave open the possibility of anti-Semitism). And two how they idealized LRH in a manner in which they sought to implement every aspect they attributed to him.

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