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The nets are provided widely, often at low-cost or even free.The World Health Organization says access to the nets helped reach a drop in malaria deaths.The study was published by the free online journal PLOS ONE.

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They say efforts to limit use of the method might hurt people who live on the edge of survival.

Catching many fish in many places Insecticide-treated mosquito nets are used to cover the place in which a person sleeps to prevent mosquitos from biting them.

"Pretty much everywhere that malaria's a risk, there's people fishing with these nets." Some of the time the fishing was simple, and would just involve, "A couple people dragging a net through the water," Short says.

She said the small-scale net fishing can provide a good source of protein and money without serious problems.

The study describes cases, as in Bangladesh, where fishermen blocked entire river spans with mosquito nets.

In these cases, Short says, "Obviously, absolutely nothing gets through.” Conflicting results Fishing with mosquito nets is illegal in many places to keep the fish population safe.

He has questioned the benefits mosquito-net fishers are reportedly gaining.

He says many people believe that, "because the poor and women are doing it, it is improving their food security.” However, his research has found that is not always true.

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