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Ace has meanwhile made contact with some of her friends, Shreela and Midge, who are hiding in some woods with a young man called Derek.

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It is also the last regular television appearance of Sylvester Mc Coy as the Seventh Doctor.

The Seventh Doctor brings Ace back home to Perivale in west London.

The other stories to be recorded solely on OB video were The Sontaran Experiment (1975) and the previous story The Curse of Fenric (1989).

It was almost 38 °C (100 °F) on the shooting days for the scenes on the planet of the Cheetah people.

The renegade is evidently unwell, his eyes and mouth displaying feline characteristics, and is using the black cat (or kitling) to create a dimensional bridge for the Cheetah People to hunt prey on Earth.

Quite why he is doing this is unclear, other than he seems keen to keep the Cheetah People occupied somehow.

Paterson denies anything amiss has taken place, falling back on his "survival of the fittest" mantras and his self-defence classes.

The Doctor and Ace now head around Perivale in search of Midge and the Master.

The Master transports the Doctor with him back to the Cheetah Planet for a final conflict but the Doctor resists the pull of the planet, turning away from violence, and is transported away from the dying world.

However, the Master looks doomed on the planet as it begins to break up.

Ace follows soon afterwards, hunted down by a Cheetah Person on horseback, which seems to have a hunting affinity with the curious cat.

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