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But still significant, especially in a world where images and perception counts for more than ever.

A time where we routinely swipe left and right based on a few selfies.

However, as Kleisner indicates, very high intelligence may also be associated with poor social and emotional intelligence as well as low stability, earning potential and male parental investment.

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Try your best to manifest this intelligence in more ways than one, such as being spontaneous and of course, having substance when you speak.

For intelligent men, it is often a turn off if people are not in the same “vibe” as they are, and in these instances, their attraction would fizz out before it would at least be given a chance to bloom.

"In both sexes, a narrower face with a thinner chin and a larger prolonged nose characterizes the predicted stereotype of high-intelligence, while a rather oval and broader face with a massive chin and a smallish nose characterizes the prediction of low-intelligence." as the study did not identify any key morphological traits that predict general intelligence.

The implication Kleisner draws is that the study participants, "accurately assessed intelligence from faces of men based on visual cues that simply are not explicable from shape variability in men's faces." Weird.

If females are looking for different combinations of intelligence as signals of male parental investment, men may benefit from signalling traits that will appeal to at least some women, some of the time.

Arguably, sexual selection would then be favoring a diverse range of intelligence in men, though more intelligent men may have an advantage if they are more successful at ‘cuckolding’ their less intelligent (but more committed) rivals.According to Kleisner, “perceived intelligence is positively correlated with attractiveness in both men and women.” This isn’t a huge surprise.People are drawn to, and influenced by, good looking humans.But it’s interesting that the “correlation was much stronger in the judgement of women’s faces…than those of men.” "Women are pervasively judged according to their attractiveness.While such an activity is often branded as superficial, this study indicates that heterosexual women may genuinely be able to extract more information from a simple picture of a prospective partner than a heterosexual man can.

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