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With the profound knowledge about these audio technologies, I was working as lecturer for computer science at the Erich-Thienhaus-Institute, the Tonmeister Department of Detmold University.My engagement ended with the restructuring into bachelor and master.My programming language of choice is Object Pascal, which evolved from Turbo Pascal to Delphi, but also under the influence of Free Pascal/Lazarus and lately Smart Mobile Studio.

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I also created a front-end for Synth Edit for rapid prototyping.

However, I discontinued the development, since it did not work out, the way I planned to use it.

Still, dozens of SEmodules can still be found on my pages.

Nowadays my focus shifted slightly towards Web-Apps and HTML5 powered mobile apps.

Most of the things I did in the past targeting audio is available as open source.

The compiled code can be used via various front-ends such as ASIO and VST.

Note also that republishing without explicit permission is forbidden.

The reason for this is the fact that it is my portfolio in the first place and not at all costs written for end-users.

The Ondes Martenot was used in many film scores first dating from 1931; Odna by Shostakovich, Lawrence of Arabia (1962), A Passage to India (1984), and recent films such as Amélie (2001) and There Will Be Blood (2007) by Jonny Greenwood.

The most famous part of the Ondes is the metal ring, which is worn on the finger of the right hand.

My academic degree is Diplom-Ingenieur, which is equal to a master degree.

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