Dating website affiliate programs

Just when you thought your silly blog about Jane Austen fans not having a place in the modern world was just a hobby, you're suddenly collecting ,000 per month from Friend Finder or Megafriends. What's even more wonderful about certain dating website affiliate marketing programs is that not only does the dating website receive monthly payments, but so can you, as an affiliate marketer.

This is called residual income, and it is a founding principle of rich people everywhere.

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"Oh, you met on the Internet, that's weird," is something that only weird people say, now.

More importantly, from an affiliate marketing perspective, have you ever heard of a free Internet dating website? You might get a free first look, but after that, month after month, if you want to be a member, you must pay your dues.

In other words, Internet dating is a fantastic opportunity for affiliate marketing.

Thousands of people are already making their living this way, but the industry is in its infancy with endless possibilities for expansion.

If you want us to we will even send you your tracking link and email creative!

If you are not yet an affiliate then simply sign up as an affiliate and you can join the program. They advertise extensively on television and claim to have arranged more marriages than any other dating site.The affiliate program is open to all email affiliates and pays commission to affiliates for every valid registration.It simple to register and more importantly its free, which leads to some very good conversions for our existing affiliates.p The email creative on this affiliate program is regularly updated to reflect the latest promotion.The sign up process is short and free, which makes this program very popular and we see some great EPC rates!Sign Up to the Dating Affiliate Program Joining this program is simple.

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