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However, the Army still retained military operations, with an "administrative and training center" on the island and a muster station throughout the Mexican–American War and American Civil War; in addition, there was an arsenal and Army-operated music school located on the island.

During the American Civil War, Castle Williams held Confederate prisoners of war and Fort Jay held captured Confederate officers.

Located on a rocky shoal extending from the northwest corner of the island, it was inspired by then-modern French thinking on fortifications, but a pioneering design for American fortification.

It was a designed as a circular structure that could project a 320 degree arc of cannon fire from three levels of casemates (bomb-proof rooms holding two cannons each) and roof, holding 103 cannon gun emplacements.

The Continental Army forces collapsed after being flanked and eventually withdrew from Brooklyn and from Governors Island as well, and the British occupied it in late August.

From September 2 to 14, the new British garrison would engage volleys with Washington's guns on the battery in front of Fort George in Manhattan.

Fort Jay and Castle Williams are considered among the best remaining examples of First System (Fort Jay) and Second System (Castle Williams) American coastal fortification.

They proved useful soon after completion, as they were used to defend the city in the War of 1812.

The National Park Service administers a small portion of the north of the island as the Governors Island National Monument, while the Trust for Governors Island operates the remaining 150 acres, including 52 historic buildings.

Today, Governors Island is a popular seasonal destination open to the public between May and September with a 43-acre public park completed between 20, free arts and cultural events, and recreational activities.

Governors Island is a 172-acre (70 ha) island in New York Harbor, approximately 800 yards (732 m) from the southern tip of Manhattan Island and separated from Brooklyn by Buttermilk Channel, approximately 400 yards (366 m).

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