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He also indicated that there had been periods of intense rivalry between the French and American intelligence systems.

In the early 1990s a senior French intelligence officer created another major scandal by revealing that the DGSE had conducted economic intelligence operations against American businessmen in France.

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The operation was ordered by the French President, François Mitterrand.

New Zealand was outraged that its sovereignty was violated by an ally, as was the Netherlands since the killed Greenpeace activist was a Dutch citizen and the ship had Amsterdam as its port of origin.

Pochon learned of the maneuvers only in March 2002 and informed Chirac's circle of the episode.

He then had a furious argument with Cousseran and was informally told he wasn't wanted around the agency anymore.

The DGSE instead received additional premises located in front of the Piscine des Tourelles.

The DGSE's budget is entirely official (it is voted upon and accepted by the French parliament).Politics eventually took precedence over DGSE's intelligence function.Instead of informing the president's staff of reports directly concerning President Chirac, Cousseran informed only Socialist prime minister Lionel Jospin, who was going to run against Chirac in the 2002 presidential election.It generally consists of about €500M, in addition to which are added special funds from the Prime Minister (often used in order to finance certain operations of the Action Division).How these special funds are spent has always been kept secret.Pochon nonetheless remained Director of Intelligence, though he no longer turned up for work.

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