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You never know what is bound to occur in the comment thread of a Facebook status, and apparently, even Mark Zuckerberg isn't immune to things getting a little off topic.

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And if you think those numbers are depressing, the statistics are unfortunately pretty grim across the board: Only 20 percent of software developers are women.

The wage gap exists still exists for women in tech, too, as findings show that women average 16 percent less pay than their male counterparts in Information Technology.

"The original commenter responded to Zuckerberg, saying, "Mark Zuckerberg I am going to do that!! Feminism, unfortunately, has a pretty polarizing reputation.

Men, especially, can have a difficult time finding their place within feminism, or struggle with whether men can identify as feminists, period.

Of course feminism is for everybody, but not everyone is comfortable with that idea.

For men who are curious about feminism, or support feminism but aren't quite sure how men can be feminists, the general rule of thumb is this: Listen.

Research has actually found that when men look at Ryan Gosling feminist memes, their pro-feminism feelings increase by about 10 percent.

While 10 percent may not sound like a high number initially, remember: We're talking about the impact of an Internet meme.

While there's a lot of (often valid) criticism about male feminists not helping women, there are just as many cases of male feminists making positive changes with, and for, women — along with many more changes that ultimately benefit all of us.

Laura Bates at The Guardian, for example, writes about the need for young, male feminists, and her experience talking with young men about feminism — specifically why they don't outwardly identify as feminists.

Adolescents exposed to Safe Dates (as opposed to those who did not receive the curriculum) reported from 56% to 92% less dating violence victimization and perpetration 4 years later. If you want this curricula in your school, contact DPI at 754-321-1655.

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