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They always started from Soldiers Bay, within easy reach of their home in Colborne Road.

The path led them close to Blue Bell Wood, a delightful sea of blue in spring and one of Fiona’s favourite places.

Jessie: German occupation must have been terrifying for the inhabitants.

Unfortunately, there was no sign of the Renoir painting like the one found in Anne’s novel. Grabbing Anne’s latest novel, ‘The Betrayal’, from my handbag, I asked Anne to tell me more.

Jessie: This is a beautiful place and it is difficult to imagine how Guernsey when it was occupied by the Germans. Anne: ‘The Betrayal’ is two intertwined stories; the first focusing on Leo, who loses everything in the German Occupation of Guernsey.

Before he could say anything, she went on, ‘I can’t leave you here on your own, Leo.

Anything might happen to you if…if the Germans do come.’ Jessie: Great choice!

Cliff walks had played a large part in her childhood and youth.

Her parents considered them an integral part of the weekends and school holidays.

A blue sky greeted me in Guernsey, and the cool breeze was refreshing. I met Anne at The Old Government House Hotel, a cosy homely hotel with spectacular views.

Looking around, I tried to imagine how the building may have been used by the Germans, during World War Two.

You build up the tension and make me want to read more.

Indeed, the passage is also anchored by the enigmatic front cover.

I wore my jeans and green Ralph Lauren jacket, while Anne wore jeans and a gorgeous grey leather jacket and carried a tan leather handbag.

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