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English dating seduction

But in another account, Zeus swallows the heart himself, in order to beget his seed on Semele.

Hera then convinces Semele to ask Zeus to come to her as a god, and on doing so she dies, and Zeus seals the unborn baby up in his thigh.

Zeus rescued the fetal Dionysus, however, by sewing him into his thigh (whence the epithet Eiraphiotes, "insewn", of the Homeric Hymn). In this, Dionysus (called Liber) is the son of Jupiter and Proserpina, and was killed by the Titans.

Jupiter gave his torn up heart in a drink to Semele, who became pregnant this way.

In this version, the first Dionysus is called Zagreus.

Nonnus does not present the conception as virginal; rather, the editor's notes say that Zeus swallowed Zagreus' heart, and visited the mortal woman Semele, whom he seduced and made pregnant.

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Seducing someone is a matter of attitude, showing the right initiative, at the right place and time.

It’s not enough to know a handful of techniques or memorize a dozen clichés.

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