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(I don’t know enough about guns to be know whether restricting handguns would make it harder to defend against tyranny.

Could you shoot the tyrants equally well with a rifle? Commenter Elias brings up this meta-analysis by Gary Kleck claiming that the 40 guns-and-states style studies he could find were split almost exactly half and half in terms of whether they found a significant guns-homicide correlation or not.

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That’s why Wyoming can be the highest-gun-ownership state in the country, with 60% of households having a weapon, and still have a murder rate equal to Canada’s and lower than 45 other states’.

With the cultural factors in place, guns make a bad situation worse.

Here are some (hopefully) final thoughts on the matter: 1.

In yesterday’s post, I suggested that the difference in homicide rates between America and other First World countries were about two-thirds cultural, one-third gun-related.

This is why the robbery rate and the gun homicide rate correlate at about 0.9 (0.75 if DC is removed as an outlier) even though most robberies do not involve firearms. But some robberies do involve firearms, making them an imperfect control.

I looked at rape, a crime that sounds like it should be associated with other violent crimes but which almost never involves firearms.Vacuum action draws the blood through the needle into an attached tube. Discomfort or bruising may occur at the puncture site.Pressure applied to the puncture site until the bleeding stops reduces bruising.That certainly mattered a lot, but doesn’t take away from the confusingness of the other variables.My first theory was that rape is more common in Red Tribe rural white culture, which would explain the guns and %black but really doesn’t fit with the PUrban or Southernness issues, nor the fact that the correlation with guns was much higher than the racial correlation. Commenter eccdogg can’t replicate the Southern culture of violence thing after controlling for other factors.The ESR test is a simple test dating back to the ancient Greeks.

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