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Ethiopia is second only to the United States in the number of kids reached by Young Life, with almost 130,000 kids reached in 2017.

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Heads turned everywhere I went, to the point where one of my friends reminded me later, “You better enjoy this now because you know it won’t be the same once we go back to the States.” Though there were six people in my host family, my host brother was the one I ended up spending the most time with since he spoke much better English than anyone else and was the only one with a car to drive into the city.

This gave us plenty of time to talk and for me to explain my background, how I came to be in Ethiopia, and that my friends were going to be in a city that took two days to get to by bus.

Young Life leaders are going to these camps, reaching out to teens with have little to do, getting to know them, hanging out and hearing their stories and the stories of their families. During this time, the government declared a state emergency due to political tensions, putting restrictions on large-scale public gatherings of young people.

Many young people were arrested and imprisoned because they opposed the government.

Ethiopian offers Ethiopian singles a chance to find love and friendship.

It was my last year of college and with an open J-term coming up, and I was determined to take advantage of the month long break and travel abroad. Coincidentally, two of my good friends were planning a trip to Ethiopia to visit friends and relatives.

Over the last 18 years, Young Life in Ethiopia has grown 34% per year.

Currently, over 15,000 kids attend Young Life outreach clubs every week and almost 10,000 kids are involved in weekly discipleship groups.

I should mention that my friends come from a tribe native to South Sudan called the Lou Nuer who are known for two things: their daunting height and ability as warriors.

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