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Pandian – She would go with any guy to get her job done Bharat – Then, you should have used that opportunity.

Don’t fall for that Bharat – That is new information. Why would a woman like her seduce an ugly guy like you?

Shruti(in a commanding voice) – You coward bastard.

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She folded the bottom end of her jeans tup until her knees. The brahmin skin made it look shiny even in darkness.

She had waxed them and kept them perfectly polished.

I sent her a message asking her when she will reach the office. I was thinking about asking that myself :)” I literally danced after reading that message. She was totally cool though and talked to me and asked questions about where I come from and asked about my family, education and everything. I just answered her questions and asked the same questions to her.

Saturday morning, I planned to make use of the opportunity. As I started the bike and travelled for sometime, she bent down a bit and placed her elbows on my shoulders. She was leaning on my shoulders with her boobs brushing my back.

Looks slim, but when look at her closely, you will notice that her legs and thighs alone are very fleshy and strong. But when she wears tight leggings or jeans, you could notice her legs and thighs are not skinny.

But Shruti has more fleshy legs and is taller than Shruti haasan. Though she talks well with everyone, she is a bit too commanding and egoistic. Only thing people like about her is her appearance and sexiness.

Usually, Aarthi and Santosh hangout together as they are husband and wife. As we all were bachelor guys, we used to comment about women in our office and talk about our crushes. Add Shruti’s sexy body and face to it, she was just the perfect woman for me. There was no way I will be able to tell that to my team mates. Pandian – Dilip, looks like you are working with Shruti for a new project our team is taking up.

For some reason, I always liked these kind of women more than the calm and homely women. I like women who are arrogant and treat men like shit. Our team was getting a new project and I was assigned to work on that along with Shruti. I was having lunch with Pandian and Bharat that day.

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