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After a pause from hard projects and several years of 'building the base of the pyramid' focused on getting back in shape after my shoulder injury, the time came to project once again.Primera Linea in Bruixes attracted me for several reasons - it is a great line, the first one bolted at the crag by Dani Andrada, it is also more vertical than the other routes at the crag, fitting better with some of my strengths.

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However, in my experience, I send routes not when I have flow, but when I am tired, drained, and angry.

It is interesting - on most my hardest projects, the day of flow, or 'subidon' in Spanish, I never sent - I got to a high point, I felt absorbed in the task, happy climbing better than ever, but I never sent.

I have usually erred on the side of choosing hard projects, one or two letter grades out there from my possibilities.

It is a reflection of my personality, but also for me it relates to the ever-present human desire to go further, to challenge oneself to achieve just a bit more than currently in the realm of the possible.

Today we have our #3 ranked wrestler, Dee Williams, put against our #8 ranked wrestler, Bella Rossi.

Dee is a curvaceous, big-titted, big-assed, blonde MILF.It also presented a challenge - I could not get off the ground.The first crux comes early, at the second bolt, and is hard, bouldery, overhanging.Projecting has kept me interested in climbing during the last several years.It is an interesting head and body game, that involves willpower, preparation and planning, and execution that might come quicker or later, better or worse than planned.It would seem that her reasons for this trip are becoming somewhat blurred, so when she is asked over for a drink, she doesn't have to think twice. Welcome to the Summer Vengeance series Tournament on Ultimate Surrender!

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