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But I feel this friendship role, and girlfriend, and motherly role. It changes a lot, but it's really been "Borderlines and Aliens," for this tour.

I feel like I get a bit of respect from the guys with a kind of female wisdom, which is awesome. A lot of it is that it starts off our encore and I do a lot of headbanging.

But, while we're big fans of the music, the one thing we can't get over is Hooper's next-level bodysuit game.

From bold leopard print to full-on lace, the skintight onesies have become part of her signature look.We obviously go out, but a lot of nights, we kind of campfire style on the bus or in a parking lot, writing music, which keeps us having a communal vibe.It's so random when I find them and I wish it was like some crazy designer that I discovered that I could shout out, but it's much more these kind of stripper online sites. It's taken me a couple years to understand, but the bodysuit is sexy and still covers me up, so I feel comfortable to really rock out when I'm wearing one.Just make some crazy, amazing outfits…I end up going to kind of like club shops. No daisy dukes, especially if the top is separated from the bottom, I've had a lot of tops fall off. Like they're either Halloween costumes or burlesque shops. I slowly made my way into these spandex netted onesies.

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