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17 years ago you entered into our world and every day since, you've made me feel like I did something very, very right 💙 A photo posted by Helena (@helenachristensen) on There's absolutely no question that these two look alike!All of Mingus' features – from his big eyes to his face shape and even his eyebrows – were clearly inherited from his famous mom. Throwback photos from Christensen’s Instagram page prove Mingus used to look like Reedus when he was young.’ He's had a couple of these calls, and he always said no to all of them.” According to the actor, Mingus said he turned down roles because he “didn’t want to ruin his life” and “didn’t want to be famous.” “He's got such a good head on his shoulders,” Reedus gushed.

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Clearly excited for their son's major milestone, Christensen wrote that she was "proud as hell."She also posted a family shot of Mingus wrapping his arms around his parents and a video of her holding her son's diploma. '"It seems like the exes have remained on friendly terms, too."She's a really cool girl," he said at the time.

In addition, she shared a video of Reedus giving his son a hug., Reedus and Christensen met through a mutual friend, photographer Yelena Yemchuk, at a birthday party. After the split, the two continued to co-parent their son.

“When Mingus was smaller, it was a little harder, going from two places,” he shared.

Norman Reedus reunited with Helena Christensen to watch their son, Mingus, graduate from high school.

They began dating right after Diane split from her husband of five years, French director Guillaume Canet.

The two were last spotted together in February at the opening of Joshua’s Broadway play, star Norman Reedus in dive bar in New York.

Just check out this adorable snap of the father-son duo.

Reedus and Christensen try to keep their son out of the limelight, which is why photos of Mingus are scarce on both their social media pages.

Although, Reedus admitted it was a "little harder" for Mingus when he was younger."When Mingus was smaller, it was a little harder, going from two places," he told the newspaper back in 2014.

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