Helping kids cope with dating after divorce

The way parents handle the separation and treat each other in their interactions can make a big difference in how children adjust during and after their parents' divorce.

Each child is unique, but children often have similar responses when dealing with their parents' breakup, states Web MD. They usually have difficulty understanding the complexities of divorce, so they often cope by becoming more dependent on their parents and other adults they trust.

It is reassuring to a child to know that his or her parents still talk about the child and what is going on with him or her.

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For example, a child who hasn't wet the bed for months may suddenly start having accidents in the middle of the night.

Younger children may have difficulty going to sleep on their own, or they may start wanting bedtime stories again or other methods of comfort they had outgrown.

When it comes to the common issues that come up during a divorce, few disputes may be as emotional and contentious as parenting time and decision making.

Most Colorado parents who are going through a divorce only want what is best for their children, but often their own feelings and resentment toward each other get in the way.

A University of Virginia study in 2002 that followed 2,500 children of divorce over a 30- year period found that most had bounced back within two years and that 80 per cent suffered little or no long-term effects from divorce."Now, there's less stigma around divorce," says Jennifer Coleman, a "Life Transition Coach" with a local Law Firm.

"People are seeing that it's possible to 'divorce well' and try to make divorce a healing process, rather than a damaging process."Parents who are able to put aside their differences and focus on their children's needs can raise children as happy and secure as those in intact marriages.

Littman Family Law strongly believes that whenever it is possible, parents should be encouraged to cooperate and collaborate, rather than leaving decisions to a court system that knows little or nothing about the family.

Introduction Conventional wisdom taught us that parents trapped in unhappy marriages needed to stay together for the sake of the family or risk damaging their children for life.

In our firm, we frequently refer clients to a child specialist to help with designing a parenting plan to give each parent access to the children, consistent with the history of parenting and the child's developmental needs.

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