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“They know they’ll get in trouble if they don’t cater for gay people (as e Harmony found), but since they’re acting out of fear of reprisal and not out of a genuine desire to be inclusive, they don’t think of anyone else.” Brockwell is far from the only bisexual person to feel overlooked.

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They offered to give me the second, superfluous, ridiculous membership for free as they’re a paid service.

I declined.” Varley told of similarly eye-rolling experiences: “Newer entrants Inner Circle and Coffee Meets Bagel which seem promising in many ways don’t appear to allow gender choice at all,” she explains.

A straight man or woman won’t ever have to give a second though to the idea that when they select ‘man seeks woman’, or ‘woman seeks man’, they are enjoying a privilege that many don’t.

“Despite being part of the very well-known acronym LGBT, the B is very frequently forgotten,” said Holly Brockwell, the editor of women’s tech publication .

“With Once, I was presented with two buttons: Straight and Gay. “I was furious and emailed them to let them know, at which point they said they’d build it into an updated version of the app.

They did, but the damage was done.” The journalist had a similar experience on Lovestruck: “I emailed them about this and their reply was (it’s so comical it’s almost untrue), that their database couldn’t handle it and I would have to sign up once as straight and again as gay.

Last year, Tinder, known for its persistent threesome-seekers, even managed to ban Transgender users by default.

But it’s not just long-established apps that remain behind the times: new, up-and-coming services have resulted in some of the worst experiences.

“We didn’t include the option of JUST bisexuals, as we wanted to keep the experience as simple as possible.” “From the app point of view you need a frictionless signing up and options system otherwise you risk having a drop in sign ups.” Gomez Acebo acknowledges that bisexual and transgender people are often overlooked by dating apps.

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