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In the colder months, Detroit experiences cold snaps that can see the temperature drop well below freezing and substantial snow fall – perfect if you’re looking to experience a White Christmas.*Lowest available fares, incl. EUR 10 booking fee (credit card surcharge may apply).

Some argued that Canadians were a perfect demographic in which the epidemic could spread. As I said at the outset, I fear the battle is in its last stages. When you hear a british accent, many people tend to default to the idea that they sound "smarter," whereas, when you hear someone who sounds like a Valley girl, seems a bit more dumb. although most all my statements are plenty declarative so the uptalk happens usually when appropriate. I can imagine your next article will be about the "Um, and "You know" syndrome" God I hate those breaks in dialogue too! So all that said, Would that be considered "self loathing? So, the idea that uptalk came out of nowhere, or out of Valley talk, seems to be false.

Mild-mannered, consensus-seeking to a fault, what better place for uptalk to take root than in the land of moose and maple syrup? "The Canuck Uptalk Epidemic" is now just "The Uptalk Epidemic." Like all good memes, uptalk has an insatiable appetite for human minds. Americans may have offered more initial resistance, but the uptalk meme was persistent. Uptalk no longer confines its home to insecure 12-year old Canadian girls. People no longer hear uptalk unless you point it out to them (I continue to.) They have learned to view it as normal speech. What is true is that young people seem to have exploited pragmatic functions of rising pitch probably to hold the floor and get more of a listener's attention.

The day may come when statements and opinions will become extinct, replaced by questions and trial balloons, floated by timid, non-assertive speakers, hoping their audience will give them permission to continue. In my research, I've found that depending on the length of the final rising syllable, listeners seem to know whether speakers are checking for understanding or whether they want to hold the floor to continue speaking. understanding uptalk as a comma instead of a period, or even a question mark.

There is a big difference between "My name is Hank? More relevant to Canadians, Vanessa Shokeir has done some good work on how adults and younger adults, as well as men versus women, use uptalk in Southern Ontanrio

Not quite sure what its called but there is another trend i am hearing on TV lately, its the "Eeewting" of words as well.

Food becomes "FEWWWD" Out becomes "EWWT" I really wish people would grow up and stop trying to sound "current or hip" I found the uptalk very annoying, even disturbing. I hope that the uptalk does not spread into the TV (should be forbiden there) I am a male uptalker and I've been trying to stop for years.I wrote an editorial in 2002 for the Toronto Globe and Mail, a very influential national newspaper. I also hear it slipping into the words of televised news reporters. " and the other character responded, "Sometimes I think it's cute? Maybe it has something to do with the service industry/customer service jobs?It received prominent placement in the paper, complete with a headline in the widely-read "Facts and Opinions" section of the paper. I heard from public speaking groups, science teachers, linguists, feminist organizations. "It sounds like all she's doing is asking questions. This is a relatively recent victory for the conquering meme. Televised news establishes linguistic norms for millions of people. I work in a restaurant in Germany and this reminds me of a certain inflection I've often noticed people use when ordering something. Leaves me staring awkwardly for some seconds waiting for what more they have to say.article=1051&context=pwpl Here's some shameless self promotion of my article on this below: _ob=Article URL&_udi=B6T24-51Y3WSM-3&_user=129520&_cover Date=01/14/2011&_rdoc=1&_fmt=high&_orig=search&_origin=search&_sort=d&_docanchor=&view=c&_search Str Id=1621665857&_rerun Origin=google&_acct=C000010758&_version=1&_url Version=0&_userid=129520&md5=191e52695ea5470367763886bef1ed62&searchtype=a It's catchy.Taxis are also an option, you can hail these down as they pass or find the nearest taxi rank – try to avoid taking taxis during rush hour though, otherwise you may be stuck in the heavy Detroit traffic for quite some time!

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