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10) Which waterway has become known as "pirate alley"?

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2) Which well-known TV presenter resigned after discovering that their fee was to be cut by 90 per cent?

3) Who will replace Terry Wogan as the presenter of the Eurovision song contest?

Art & design 1) Which art gallery reopened in new premises on the King's Road in Chelsea in October?

2) How did 51-year-old Sue Tilley become worth £17m this year?

6) Which bank, founded in Alabama, USA, in the 1850s, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September?

7) Which German-owned retailer reported a 20 per cent increase in sales in June?4) Which company caused around 2,000 recently married couples to be rather short on wedding gifts after it went into administration in August?5) What is the name of Iceland's second-largest bank and parent company of Icesave, which went into receivership and was nationalised in October?2) Which holiday company collapsed in September stranding around 85,000 holiday-makers abroad?3) What was raised to £175,000 for a period of one year from 3 September?8) Which British TV comedy series did US magazine Variety criticise, noting that the show's wit "seldom rises above what's scrawled on a school bathroom wall"?

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