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Boxes must be clearly marked if they are for boys or girls and the age category.The Christmas Gift of Love venture has been organised by volunteers Mikka Heaney, Dikla Smith and Theodosia Christodoulou, for a second year.

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The Paphos Zingers will provide a festive welcome and snacks and drinks will be available at the venue after the ceremony.

It is an honour to be the patron of this important philanthropic community-based award for the second year, which promotes courage and courageous behaviour, as well as ethical values.

All these are indicators of our cultural status, Joannou Elia said.

He continued: Last years awards were extremely successful, with close to 40 nominees.

Last year the venture successfully raised over 4000 in cash donations, and collected close to 1,000 shoe boxes stuffed full of gifts for children of all ages.

The idea is to decorate a regular shoe box and separate lid, and fill it with a selection of toys for children.

These will be placed along the stretch of coastline which runs from Riccos beach.

They will be complete with toilets, changing rooms and other facilities, said the mayor.

This award is in honour of a previous winner of the Junior Heart of Gold award, Jasmitha Marharjasingh, who recently passed away aged just 15.

The award will be presented to the winner by her mother, Sathiya Singh.

The funding for the project has been granted by the government and aims to make the area safe for sea goers, said Pavlides.

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