Matthew goode dating sophie dymoke

OK, maybe a little wired; he gets through three cups of coffee in less than an hour and, as I leave, two fags on the trot, the second chainily lit from the first.

During the interview, he slaps his thigh in enthusiasm, and laughs at himself when he notices a flurry of particularly expressive hand waving.

This celebrity, born in the year 1978 on the 3rd of April has his biography in Wikipedia.

He is very popular, and his popularity can be best seen on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

But good luck convincing Goode that he'd be anyone's first choice, for anything.

"He wrote this brilliant character which he said he had only me in mind for – I don't know whether he's lying," says the 34-year-old, with jolly self-deprecation.

They are going about drinking and learning about wine! Caption: Matthew Goode and His Love Life - Sophie Dymoke.

His net worth which has been accumulated to million (approx.) show that his career has paid him very well.

And in Stoker, Uncle Charlie's suave, smooth magnetism almost lets him get away with, as the phrase would have it, murder. He begins by apologising – charmingly, of course – for his appalling jet-lag; he's just back from the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

He folds those incredibly long, jean-clad legs (he's a skinny 6ft 2in, looks taller) under an armchair, but remains animated.

He matches Wasikowska for intense, staring-eyes-like-pools, where you're not quite sure what murky depths they descend to.

Louche and charismatic, hands in pockets again, smirking again, but this time it's rather sinister.

A long-limbed Englishman, he brings an easy jocularity to the role of the young, ambitious, music journalist, Stanley Mitchell, all twinkling eyes, hands-in-pockets insouciance, and an irresistible smile, turned up at the edges so it's almost, nearly, a smirk.

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