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At many locations, lower-ranking enlisted members can also choose to move off base, if they wish, but it will be at their own expense.

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The purpose of FSA is that it costs more to maintain two separate households than it costs to maintain a single residence.

This includes military basic training (after 30 days), and military job school (if dependents are not authorized).

Enlisted members who are fairly new to the military, and do not have a spouse and children generally live in a military barracks (dormitory).

Because military barracks generally do not meet minimum military housing standards required by law, most people who live in the barracks also receive a few bucks each month for their inconvenience, in the form of Partial Housing Allowance.All active duty military members receive a monthly allowance for food, called Basic Allowance for Subsistence.Commissioned and warrant officers receive 3.84 per month, while enlisted members receive a monthly food allowance of 5.04.However, lower ranking enlisted members who live in the barracks are generally required to consume their meals in the dining facility (chow hall), so the amount of the food allowance is immediately deducted from their paychecks.Therefore, they get free meals, as long as they eat those meals in the Chow Hall.The amount depends on your rank, and how long (years) you've been in the military.

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