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The charges for one medical transport were huge, almost a thousand dollars per mile flown, a ,000 bill, had the insurance company saying, no way. Lance Schneider and his fiancee, Veronica Stang, were riding on his motorcycle when they T-boned a van, suddenly sending his Harley sideways into a guardrail."(I) shattered my ankle, 12 broken ribs, collar bone, shoulder blade, collapsed lung," Schneider said."I broke my femur, my hip, and a pelvis," Stang said.

The difference between you and the reporter at your local newspaper is that in many cases, you may not have the benefit of training or resources to help you determine whether what you're doing is legal.

And on top of that, sometimes knowing the law doesn't help - in many cases it was written for traditional journalists, and the courts haven't yet decided how it applies to bloggers.] Cryptography blog and links to research. Matt bio excerpt [I coined the term, and am one of the inventors of, Trust Management, which provides the abstract layer in which a system decides whether to allow some potentially dangerous action.

We understand that every patient's individual and financial circumstances are unique, and our team is dedicated to partnering with every one of them as they navigate through the post-flight and critical care process. Stang's case, we are very pleased to have been able to work with her insurance company to ensure the air medical services we provided were covered under her plan."Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield: "As a not-for-profit health insurer, we strive to deliver great customer service, protect our members from unfair out-of-network charges, and handle claims accurately 100% of the time.

After reviewing her complete case file, it was plain that Ms. Anyone in need of care in a medical emergency should follow the advice of first responders and medical professionals.

We have since paid this bill in order to prevent her from any balance billing.

It is appalling that some for-profit providers exploit medical emergencies to boost their bottom line.Privacy on the Go recommends a “surprise minimization” approach.This approach means supplementing the general privacy policy with enhanced measures to alert users and give them control over data practices that are not related to an app’s basic functionality or that involve sensitive information FTC: The report strongly urges all entities in the mobile app industry – including app stores, app developers, and third parties providing services within the apps – to accelerate efforts to ensure that parents have the key information they need to make decisions about the apps they download for their children.That was until 7 On Your Side got in touch with the insurance company.A year after the chopper accident, the big chopper bill was finally lifted.She was there within minutes, faster than any ambulance could have gotten her there, but then she got hit with a bill from Air Methods, ,000 for the transport.

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