Nurse dating former patient

It may help to write everything down, or even to discuss your problem with trusted colleague or supervisor.

As with any ethical dilemma, this analysis will help you to decide what your next steps should be.

If you want to, maybe we can get together after you have been discharged.” Your feelings and those of the patient may have merely been a crush, fed by the intimate nurse-patient interaction, and may fade away once there is no longer any contact, especially when the patient returns to his or her normal life.

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In this case, you can ask to be no longer assigned to the particular patient.

Even then, you should not pursue the relationship while the patient is in the health care facility, for example, by visiting during breaks or after hours and doing special favors.

The most important thing to ask yourself is whether the romantic emotions you are feeling are the real thing and not just part of the nurse-patient dynamic.

It is common for a patient to become emotionally attached to his or her nurse or other caregivers. Along comes the nurse, compassionate and caring, who meets these needs and the patient falls for her. You may be overworked, stressed out, with little time to form meaningful relationships outside of your working life.

He’s a 45-year-old personal injury attorney, good-looking, with a great sense of humor.

In the last 2 days, he has made it clear he’s attracted to me—and the feeling is mutual.Where the patient is in the hospital only for a short stay this course of action may be simpler than in a long-term care facility.If there is a strong romantic attraction between a nurse and a patient it will probably be too difficult to return to a purely professional relationship.It is reported that when health care providers are burnt out, they are more likely to develop romantic feelings towards a patient.The patient reaches out to you by showing kindness and interest in you as a person, and you, in turn, fall for the patient.There are still important factors which you should consider carefully and, once again, it might be a good idea to discuss these issues with a trusted friend or colleague: We are human, and there are no restrictions on when and where cupid decides to shoot his arrows.

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