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Our dad choices revealed the deceitfulness of our hearts.Is God more concerned about how we meet versus who we meet?Were Ruth and Boaz “destined” to be together or did the time in each other’s company allow them to see characteristics they admired and eventually came to love?

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My dating life has been a sun-scorched desert for the last ten years.

I joined e Harmony with the hopes of being able to meet someone special.

According to the US Census Bureau, here are the statistics: So what about the church?

According to the United Pentecostal Church International’s Single Adults Ministry their studies have shown that 23% of single women attend regularly while only 15% of single men attend.

He was also a God-fearing man who took care to obey the law and allow foreigners to glean off his land.

In calling Ruth his “daughter”, there’s a likelihood he was quite older than her and due to the times he lived in, may have previously been married.D Moses married a Gentile and his family wasn’t too happy about it.Joseph was building a house for his virgin bride-to-be only to be told she’s having a baby (and it’s not his! The Bible doesn’t have any clear cut instructions on dating and it doesn’t tell us where we should meet a prospective spouse.If we take a look at the Bible, we’ll see that many marriages didn’t start out in the best way: For Jacob, it was lust a first sight.David was willing to kill to get the girl (after lusting for her too).I’ve asked this question on a couple of Facebook groups (including my own) and there was definitely a mixed response. If I were to rename this blog post, it would be titled At the time this verse was written, one way men found their wives was through their family members. The dream of finding true love has made it’s way into Christendom with the hopeful longing of finding a Boaz.

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