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And that’s why these type of email subject lines work.All you have to do is take a popular quote from a books, movie, song, commercial, or anything that’s out there in popular culture and add in your keywords.By doing so, you will naturally create a curiosity peaking email subject line. Now, you may not like weird email subject lines and neither do you have to. You can also just use weird sayings or just say something random, but using the keywords that fit your market.

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It’s also because of these books, movies, and songs that we adopt certain sayings, quotes, or just general ideas.

Even if they’re just one-off sentences, we all understand the exact context of that sentence.

The more iconic or ingrained it is in our everyday lives, the better. It obviously still has to make sense when you read it.

In fact, it should be similar enough to the original thing that people understand it, but different enough that people “get it” as soon as they read it. You Merely Adopted [Topic] EX: You merely adopted copywriting And Thus, The 4 age of cooking began Categories To Fill In: [Topic] [Noun] [Desired Result] [Negative Term] [Process To Result] List emails are some of the more standard type of emails you can write. Having a number upfront is one of the simplest ways to capture someone’s attention.

Now, while some benefit-driven email subject lines will always be interesting now matter how many times they are used, you will need to spice it up a little for others. How To [Desired Result] In [Timeframe] EX: How to burn fat in 30min/day What If You [Negative Result]? Because of this, controversial email subject lines tend to short and straightforward, yet alarming.

They encapsulate an emotion about a topic in just a handful of words. What really drives home a controversial email subject line though is the topic.One [Topic] Book To Rule Them All EX: One dating book to rule them all There’s No Crying In [Topic]! Need For [Topic] Speed EX: Need for writing speed Love The Smell Of [Topic] In The Morning EX: Love the smell of copy in the morning The First Rule Of [Topic] EX: The first rule of dog training Show Me The [Desired Result]! I Will Have My [Noun], In This Email Or The Next EX: I will have my chocolate, in this email or the next May The [Topic] Force Be With You EX: May the fat loss force be with you Silly Wabbit, [Topic] Is For Kids EX: Silly wabbit, ecommerce is for kids [Process To Result]. With that said, there’s a con to using list emails… To be able to pull off a list email, you need interesting phrases or power words to “spice it up a bit”.This way, it’s not just basic subject line in an inbox filled with basic subject lines. Now here are some templates that will allow you to use this type of email subject line immediately.It’s more about connecting to people on an ideological level as it is about selling.The Death Of [Topic] EX: The death of email marketing The War Against [Topic] EX: The war against meat eaters The Great [Topic] Hoax Of [Year] EX: The great fat loss hoax of 2017 The Truth About [Topic] EX: The truth about the banking industry My Problem With [Topic] EX: My problem with email popups My Big [Topic] Mistake EX: My big copywriting mistake Why I Hate [Topic] EX: Why I hate social media The Case Against [Topic] EX: The case against the gig economy The [Topic] Conspiracy EX: The vegan conspiracy The End Of [Topic] EX: The end of America [Topic] Armageddon EX: Marketing armageddon In Defense Of [Controversial Topic] EX: In defense of crooked politicians Categories To Fill In: [Topic] [Year] [Controversial Topic] It’s no surprise that seeing the name of an authority will get the attention of anyone who respects them.You can use promises, “characters”, topics, and more to make it happen.

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