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Still, I don't understand why setting a column's visible property to false would cause the On Row Updating event not to fire.

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public void Bind Grid() For me, the problem was definitely between my chair & keyboard, but because it had passed through testing, I assumed the issue happened later than it actually did.

So, I removed the offending code and all was right with the world.

I'm trying to use the on Row Updating event to update a gridview. You can still access the values of your controls even on rowupdating. I'm binding the gridview programatically in the code-behind instead of declaratively.

I'm not getting any errors, but when I run the code, the value in the text box within the edit Item Template does not seem to be accessible using On Row Upadating. for your case you can get the old values and the new values you inputed in your gridview by calling the e. The examples showing how to update a gridview that I've looked at use the On Row Updating event. New Values{object key] is empty even though I enter a new value in the textbox control while the gridview is in edit mode and click update. I've removed the code in the grv Files_Row Updating method to show the current working code.

New Values["description"], but it comes back an empty string.

Lesson here is source control can help you isolate your errors.

If all columns are displayed, everything works great.

However, under certain conditions, some of the columns are hidden by setting the associated column's visible property to false.

Jorge VC I have an editable gridview using a standard Command Field to display edit, save, and cancel edit buttons.

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