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Radiohead as a case study The first major example of flexible pricing experimentation was when Radiohead released In Rainbows in 2007.

Fans were able to choose how much or how little they paid, the minimum purchase value stooping to a mere £0.

The idea is to feel less like a transaction and more like the direct sharing of music between like-minded people.

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Melisma and Pressure Traxx in collaboration with MEOKO at the OFF-Week!

Melisma and Pressure Traxx are proud to present a joint showcase during Barcelona OFF Week the 16th of June at Plataforma, teaming up with Meoko as their press partner to conjure up a storm amongst music lovers and frenetic party goers alike.

Both relentlessly beautiful and captivating, they not only represent the joint musical concept of both labels to the best of the DJs' abilities, but also contain previously unreleased material which is perfectly reflecting the spirit of the party. allvideos.ready(function()); Get your copy while you can and join us for this outstanding night !

Apart from the Barcelona event, there are differents spots in Europe where they will be available during the OFF Week dates: Spacehall Recordshop – Berlin, Germany Ganja Gourmet Private Club - Barcelona, Spain Hydromel - Lausanne, Switzerland Ultrasuoni Recordshop – Rome, Italy Freebase Recordshop - Frankfurt, Germany Einzelkind :: Premier set! If you are against illegal downloading and piracy of music, or you’re simply an upstanding music enthusiast, chances are you’ve probably come across Bandcamp by now.

Melisma, founded in Chile, is deeply ingrained in the happenings of Berlin with its vibrant night life whilst promoting talent from all around the world, making its roster an international tribe of special human beings with a knack for rhythmic and possessive deep night vibes.

Their last release on Melisma by Federico Molinari and their upcoming release by Ricardo Villalobos and Argenis Brito are prime examples of their great skills to unite amazing artists and fresh talent, making them excel themselves musically.

On the other hand, the artist gets to personalise the backgrounds of their shop’s home page complete with their logo and branding.

The effect of this personalised experience is a more intimate relationship connecting the artist to their audience, a quality which is lost in the commodification of music where it becomes purely a hollow product to sell, an attitude which always stifles creativity.

Meoko is thrilled to present this event so if you are in Barcelona, swing around and enjoy this special moment of fiesta and collaboration with us. The first part of the event, the pre-party at a beautiful and inspiring private spot, is something exclusive as there are just 20 invitations.

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