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Though our choice of a sleeping bag as a weapon may beg to differ. Alright team, so next update will include Kyousuke's test of courage in the haunted classroom, and we need to take a team of girls with us! However, while deciding how the captains will go about picking their teammates Having received a flashlight from Kyousuke, Kurugaya-san took the lead. Heres what the peanut gallery has to say about that pair. And so Kyousuke tells us about our test of courage, and gathers all of the Little Busters in front of the school to explain our mission.

Riki: Here we are Hmm, Ill go in and look for the note.

A note there will tell the next destination.]Riki: Thats what we have to do first. We followed the emails instructions and reached the lab. Well, where is it When I arrived in the middle of the lab.*Sproiiing*!! Kurugaya-san was trying to run away with Rin in her arms!! Kurugaya: Umu just enjoying my youth by dashing out. Rin used the chance to break free from Kurugaya-sans arms and took a step back.

She is appropriately embarrassed, though this time she is wearing strawberry print underwear. I wonder, is training under a waterfall really that exciting?

Then we um stumble onto Komari in the middle of changing. Kyousuke: My game is gonna make you much cooler than that training. Kurugaya: Youre the one whos supposed to do something about her. Kurugaya: Youre hopeless Then Ill carry her in my arms.

Riki: This is not good I sent her an email.[The people you have to care about arent those captains.]Then we spend our lunch convincing Rin to be a big tough person and play baseball with the sports club captains. I heard something like an animals cry coming from the bushes.

We're a community based off the popular "Nuzlocke Challenge", a way of playing the Pokmon video game series on a higher level of difficulty. My thoughts completely ground to a halt for a moment. Riki: It means what it says It says to wait for the next letter, so we have to wait for the day another letter arrives. She wasnt even paying any mind to the cats trying to get her attention. Its not that I didnt want to go with him, but I suspect this wont be anything hed enjoy, so it couldnt be helped. Haruka-san suddenly poked her head out from the bushes. Riki: You, you gave me a start So it was just you, Haruka-san Haruka: Youre so rude~. Riki: No, no, that would be a complete and total annoyance! Saying that, she took out a small toy trumpet and blew it.*Papparappuuh*. Haruka: When, when you feel like it, give it a shot, okay? If you join our community, you'll be able to access member-only sections, and use many member-only features such as customizing your profile, sending personal messages, and voting in polls. Eighth batter has less significance, but its basically that the later positions have a better possibility of good field setup, so they need to have a heavy hitter. When it comes to baseball, theyre also amateurs like us. Of course I know Kyousuke doesnt do that sort of thing. Although I was completely stunned at first, just like Kyousuke must have predicted, I was already starting to think that this match might be quite interesting. I said sorry to the cats as I pushed them aside to approach her, and read what was written on the paper. Because thered be no need to write this note, if the sender wanted us to do something today. She put the note into her pocket and turned around. Masato: Okay He walked down the connecting corridor in a sulk. This means you are limited to certain areas of the board and there are some features you can't use. Masato: None of us except you even knows anything about the opposing team at all yet Kyousuke: Not to worry. As he spoke, he slid a notebook to the center of the table. Fourth position is often seen as the most important for this reason, and the fact that if you end up getting 3 outs right away, they can stage the comeback next inning. I wonder, how did he ever get the Kendo club captain to feel like playing baseball? Most of our team members are girls, so he would be a great asset for us if he were on our side. However, Rins eyes were wide open, as though shed seen something shes unable to accept. Riki: I cant tell from this note In my opinion it wouldnt be today. Haruka: Ahaha She now looked at Haruka-san, who seemed to flinch from her gaze.

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