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In the past, there were a plethora of malware and viruses floating around the internet that were designed to exploit your system through the security holes that resulted from using the RPC service.

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Given the circumstances, the best you could ever hope for is the issue being due to your inability to properly configure both processes to communication with one another.

There are a number of items that you have to ensure are properly configured when attempting to use the RPC service, which means there’s equally as much troubleshooting to do when attempting to solve an issue with this service.

Alternatively, the unavailable message you’re receiving could be due to registry corruption or all three, in which case you would be required to do quite a lot of troubleshooting to solve the issue.

Anyway, with that said, the most common causes are as follows.

It’s basically a technology that utilises a communication technique called inter-processing, which is used for enabling a server and client PC to communication with one another over a network.

The basis of this protocol is the client/server model, which means data is packaged and distributed through this communication technology to other processes that do not exist on the same process (computer).

Fortunately, there are a number of automated tools that you can use, such as Advanced System Repair Pro.

Advanced System Repair Pro is a multifaceted registry cleaner program, which is capable of defragging your systems hard drive, speeding up your internet connection and freeing up hard drive space by removing unwanted clutter, cleaning the Windows registry and tackling issues such as the one you’re currently bogged down with, amongst others.

IT Support professionals are also known to use RPC services for managing computers remotely.

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