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Only a few days later Dima started the Eurovision Winner’s Tour on May 27.

I'm not against having a family with a loved one, have your own house, her lover near.

There's some extra skin at the bottom of my stomach ...

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He plans to use his prize money to get out of debt.

And his younger sister might be a contestant on a future season.

Today, our ranking comes to an end and we reveal your ‘winner’ !

Russia did everything it had to do to bring the Eurovision Song Contest to Moscow.

" And you are not jealous of his producer Yana Rudkovskaya?

I know very well Ian, we get along great with her, we have good relations.

Tolley deal TV reporters who managed to find a real girl Dima Bilan - beautiful blonde Elena Kuletskuyu.

With 18 years she has lived and worked a model in Paris.

From the first moments, this novel was formed differently than is customary for stars of show business.

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