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He tells us to take our clothes off, and he'll take a look at our bodies.Whoever has the dirtiest and most sweaty balls, wins.It wasn't my first time to have sex, and I already had sex with tons of girls from my school.

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I shot about 20 times into her mouth, and my dad was holding my 8 inch d*ck to aim it in her mouth. Then after, my dad forced her head to lick my d*ck some more to clean up the last drops of semen she didn't get to swallow.

She still comes by from time to time, and we always have threesomes. Stud My two brothers and I live with our dad, and our dad actually likes it when my brothers and I masturbate in front of him. Our dad tells us that we're only allowed to masturbate when he's there so he could watch us.

Question: I was wondering if any other guys out there let your dad see you masturbate.

I'm 16, and my dad allows me to masturbate in front of him, and he doesn't mind.

Our dad tells all of us that we're not allowed to wash our penises and balls.

So when my brothers and I go to the gym and get all sweaty, we don't shower afterward.He was watching a show with hot chicks in them, and I got horny from the show.I just unbuttoned my shorts and pulled my under wear down and let my erection out, and started jerking right then and there.WHen our dad pulled my 15 year old brother's foreskin down, he had the most smegma and dried up semen all over the head of his penis.Our dad dove in right away and started sucking my little brother's d*ck like crazy.He spent a lot of time licking my balls too since, I just came from the gym and my balls were all covered in sweat.

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